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Tru's notes on HB Monk for The Deep

General notes:
-Max hp and energy…typical PvP Healing Monk setup is what I use
-You are a Room 2 healer at the start…pretty simple: heal the tank
-A good tank will make your life easy in the first room…..if you cannot seem to keep him alive, check the tank's build
-Spam Heal Party when needed throughout the run, Glyph of Lesser Energy along with being BiP'd will make this painless

The build
1)Healers Boon (keep up constantly; makes a huge difference on Heal Party)
2)Dwayna's Kiss (you will use this mainly to spike your tank in the first room; random after that)
3)Patient Spirit (also use as pre-heal for tank; works as great low cost skill to spam on the BiP…if the BiP is happy, you will be happy)
4)Seed of Life (use on tank, especially when party is moving in to spike mob…he will probably be low on health at this point…..make sure ally is taking damage or this skill is useless)
5)Healing Seed (alternate with Seed of Life to make you tank near invincibe)
6)Heal Party (spam when you can…..BiP should be taking care of you)
7)Glyph of Lesser Energy (makes getting off 2 Heal Party's not as painful)
8)Rebirth (don't use on BiP unless instructed too)

Sunspear rank for SoL (Seed of Life):
Sunspear rank is naturally important because of the amount of health your party receives, but also keep in mind that the duration of SoL also increases as your rank increases…you get 5 seconds of healing at rank 9

Healing tanks during pulls:
Don't be overly anxious to heal them before 'Deep Freeze' has been cast, thus signalling the party to move in…..because, you can pull aggro from the tank to yourself and guess what? Yup…a very quick death. Actually from my experiences in The Deep…..a tank will usually die once or twice, it's not uncommon or even frowned upon from what I can tell. It is important, however, if at all possible to keep him alive to hold aggro.

-If you stay with the party then you should have no trouble. Make sure you kite any spirit attacks, you may specifically encounter those in the beginning room and they can be annoying. Don't let Oni's single you out if they slip past the SS spike…they can take you out rather quickly.
-Scourge Healing will be an absolute pain in your first room, my tip for success here is to use Healing Seed+Patient Spirit at the start// when you see tanks health start to decrease it means his stances are recharging so hit him with Seed of Life+Patient Spirit again// only use Dwayna's Kiss if he is down to 50% health// repeat……….Dwayna's Kiss will wipe you out if you spam it during Scourge Healing
-Pull back in-between heals in first room……stay close, but just barely

During Runs:
-Some of the aspects will cause you party's health to deteriorate during the runs….stop frequently and Heal Party.
-You will not kill all the Aspects of Kanaxai, some you will run past……DO NOT get close to him….2 hits will kill you even at nearly 600 hp.

The Deep roles - HB Monk Mo/E by TruTru, 02 Feb 2009 20:05

This will be something that we can add to over time….

Room Order:
-Team - 12 members
-4 rooms at beginning……3 team members per room.
-Rooms are numbered 1-4 counting from right to left.
-Different teams will use different assignment for rooms, but here is our Alliance order:
211, 333, 124, 244 ( members #1, 8, and 10 are in room#2…etc.)

-Please use… helps

Announcing your noobiness
-If you are a noob to a certain role, or to The Deep in general….just announce it….they will be cool with helping you

Be versitile
-Pay attention to others and what they do. Learn different roles as it will make you better and get you into more groups :)

Have fun!
-Enjoy the gold and the 15k faction…….Woot!

General Rules for The Deep by TruTru, 29 Jan 2009 23:43

Tru's notes on SS for The Deep
! Please view thread on General Rules For The Deep!

General notes:
-Use max armor and hp
-Primary role of SS is to kill Kanaxai, Aspects, and mobs
-Secondary role is keeping Blood Ritual on casters (monks mainly)
-When casting on baddies, move out of aggro until ready to cast again
-Steal all the Fluffy's you can
-Some groups may have you to change out a skill for Arcane Mimicry
-At the gate, you will run through with the main group. The SS is not one of the 5 who stands on the pads.

The build
-Arcane echo (use to echo SS)
-Spiteful Spirit (elite/ use on Aspects, use on mobs, use on Kanaxai)
-Insidious Parasite (use on Aspects and Kanaxai…also, good cover hex for mesmer foes)
-You Move Like A Dwarf (KD for Aspects, Kanaxai, and to help anyone in danger)
-Verata's Gaze (use to steal all those loveable Fluffy's)
-Blood Ritual (help out monk in your starting room…then, support all monks when you can)
-Inspired Enchantment (remove enchants from Kanaxai)
-Spinal Shivers (cast on Aspects and Kanaxai……the tanks should be carrying 'Icy' weapons

The Start: you will be in room 2 or 4
-I have ran SS in both rooms and it is basically the same (Room 4 is easiest)
-Keep out of aggro until the foes settle on tank, cast SS on Aspect then move back out of aggro
-When Aspect stops taking dmg, cast YMLAD on him so he will start taking dmg again….and again, move out of aggro once you cast
-Occasionally cast Blood Ritual on the monk
-Keep SS on the Aspect and all foes should die quickly, just leaving him to deal with
-Once Aspect is all that remains, I found that casting IP on him makes for a quicker death :)
-Room 2 takes a bit longer, but goal is the same….kill Aspect last by keeping SS on him

-I have not seen a problem with staying alive as an SS, the monks 'Heal Party' spam is sufficient
-Don't aggro anything! Have a melee weapon set for the Nightmares, it will keep them from casting Chaos Storm! Your group will wipe if someone goes in there with caster weapon!
-Always stay to the middle or back of your team unless casting on baddies

SS'ing groups
-Aside from the Aspects, you will be casting SS on big mobs. For mobs, wait until 'Deep Freeze' is signaled, then move in and SS them to oblivion!!
-Some mesmer foes will remove SS (irritating)….but since you are echo'ing SS it helps….also consider using a cover hex.
-After casting SS, apply echo'd SS to a different foe….preferrably with the most health

Insidious Parasite
-I use mainly on Kanaxai and Aspects in conjuction with SS
-Use on Oni's or various foes if they break from the tank's aggro

You Move Like A Dwarf
-You will be the main source of KD in your first room, so if you don't KD the Aspect…he won't die
-After first room clear use randomly on Aspects and on foes that are endangering your casters
-Some Aspects you will just run past….use YMLAD as you are running by :) na na-na na-na na

The Deep roles - SS N/Me by TruTru, 29 Jan 2009 23:26
Re: Fun sh**!
Danielle AurorelDanielle Aurorel 29 Jan 2009 22:15
in discussion Forum / Talk » Fun sh**!

Zeke is one of the best characters. I want one. :D

Unfortunately the Xbox and 360 aren't mine and I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate me "experimenting". :(
Also if I remember right Zeke falls in love with a Game Cube and that would just be creepy.

I love his assesment of Too Human:
Lite20080714.jpgWhich then always reminds me of this one:
20080630.jpgFinally (I promise) one I'm definately not identifying with at all right now….
Re: Fun sh**! by Danielle AurorelDanielle Aurorel, 29 Jan 2009 22:15
Re: Fun sh**!
Spooky SpinkySpooky Spinky 28 Jan 2009 22:31
in discussion Forum / Talk » Fun sh**!

Ah yeah, he's been there for a while. He's gotten an Xbox 360 ARM too, and has *SPOILER*SPOILER* burned down the house *END OF SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!*

Re: Fun sh**! by Spooky SpinkySpooky Spinky, 28 Jan 2009 22:31

I was almost going to ask why, but that would be a silly question wouldn't it?

On the other hand they're missing a hell of an oppertunity by not shifting the idea to rugby. Scrums could get a lot more interesting.

Re: Fun sh**!
Danielle AurorelDanielle Aurorel 28 Jan 2009 10:39
in discussion Forum / Talk » Fun sh**!

Hehe, if you think that's bad wait until you get on to some of the more recent story arcs.

Which reminds me, have you gotten to the part where Zeke joins the cast yet?

Re: Fun sh**! by Danielle AurorelDanielle Aurorel, 28 Jan 2009 10:39

I've played quite a bit of different sports in my time. Basketball, Hockey, American Football, and am currently doing Le Parkour, or Free Running (Check it out here). But i should have stayed with soccer.

This is Why


*Spooky Spinky faints*

Re: Fun sh**!
Spooky SpinkySpooky Spinky 26 Jan 2009 18:18
in discussion Forum / Talk » Fun sh**!


I just read the strip where the evil people that want to take over Winter-een-mas has kidnapped Lilah and zapped Ethan with an "electric eel" :P

Also, if you want some seriously awesome quotes go to and check out their top 100 list. It's hilarious!

Here's a little preview:

#207373 +(16783)- [X]

<anamexis> oh man
<anamexis> I was opening a coke, right
<— Beefpile has joined #themacmind
<anamexis> and it exploded
<anamexis> ALMOST all over my keyboard
<anamexis> but I got it away just in time
<— Beefpile has quit (sick fuckers)
<anamexis> :<

Re: Fun sh**! by Spooky SpinkySpooky Spinky, 26 Jan 2009 18:18

just thinking…yes it does happen sometimes lol…probably an idea to create a new page for the informative stuff like the mini n tome guides cos we are losing them on the posts site…wolf, think u could put the dark chat links u set up on the main page too? *hugs*

The booze fairy exists??…but..but i've left empty bottles under my pillow and they've never been refilled!! :-S

1st Year
Fungal Wallow – 1-3k
Hydra – 1-3k
Jade Armor – 3k
Jungle Troll – 1-2k
Necrid Horseman 1-3k
Siege Turtle 2-4k
Temple Guardian 2k
Whiptail Devourer 1-3k
Burning Titan – 10k
Charr Sharman – 10k
Kirin – 3-7k
Prince Rurik 20-30k
Shiro 30-40k
Bone Dragon 40-65k

2nd Year
Fire Imp - 15k
Heket Warrior
Mandragor Imp
Harpy Ranger 1-3k
Thorn Wolf
Wind Rider
Elf – 15k
Palawa Joko – 20k
Lich Lord
Water Djin – 65k
Gwen – 100k + 10e

3rd Year
Cave Spider – 30k
Cloudtouched Simian - 30k
Forest Minotaur
Irukandji – 15-20k
Roaring Ether
Ooze – 30k
Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh
White Rabbit – 100k +30e
Mad King Thorn

Black Moa Chick
Celestial Pig
Celestial Rat
Celestial Ox - 20-30k
Ghostly Hero
Greased Lightning
Mallyx – 100k +35e
Polar Bear

Grey Giant

Island Guardian
Kanaxai – 100k + 1750e
Longhair Yeti
Naga Raincaller
Panda – Probably infinate
Shiro’ken Assasin
Varesh Ossa

Re: Fun sh**!
Danielle AurorelDanielle Aurorel 25 Jan 2009 10:14
in discussion Forum / Talk » Fun sh**!

Yay for Ctrl+Alt+Del!

One of my favourite web comics. :D Even beat Oh My Gods.
Aside from the hilarious in-game ones and the general insanity of the main characters I actually got really into the storyline, I don't know how far through you are so I won't give anything away but Oh My God.

I have this one printed out and stuck on the wall at work (work is a computer games shop):

I'm also thinking Guild Wars needs an in-Game Winter-een-mas celebration. :D

Re: Fun sh**! by Danielle AurorelDanielle Aurorel, 25 Jan 2009 10:14

Oh the booze fairy does exist, I've seen her. But she only appears at certain times, you have to be very drunk and keep a careful look out (and doing both is easier said than done).

Normal Tomes

Assassin - 150-400g
Dervish - 600g-1k
Elementalist - 500-600g
Mesmer - 500-600g
Monk - 600g-1k
Necromancer - 500-600g
Paragon - 400-600g
Ranger - 400-600g
Ritualist - 600g-1k
Warrior - 200-400g

Elite Tomes

Assassin - 3-4k
Dervish - 8-10k
Elementalist - 7-10k
Mesmer - 7-9k
Monk - 10-15k
Necromancer - 8-11k
Paragon - 5-8k
Ranger - 5-8k
Ritualist - 10-16k
Warrior - 6-8k

P.S…..If anyone feels this needs updating feel free to input…x

Price Guide For Tomes by Mara SarthMara Sarth, 23 Jan 2009 20:12
Re: Fun sh**!
Spooky SpinkySpooky Spinky 22 Jan 2009 23:38
in discussion Forum / Talk » Fun sh**!

This is a Public Service Announcement brought to you by
Ever wanted to buy that new keyboard? Or that new shiny gold dil… Razer Mouse!

Don't. Here's why:

Re: Fun sh**! by Spooky SpinkySpooky Spinky, 22 Jan 2009 23:38

I'm laughing so hard right now, it's insane…

lol…Santa, the Easter Bunny…and not even the Booze Fairy exist Coco….sorry to break that to you…xxx

Next you'll be telling me santa claus doesn't exist *sobs* lol


Although we don't believe the scepter exists, we are making frogress.

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