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Welcome to the Afraid in the Dark guild website!


New Website!

by Turnip WolfslayerTurnip Wolfslayer 29 Jan 2009 03:59

Hi guys,

I have recently been working on a new guild website, based on phpBB and a load of custom code. It is currently at

The system is much easier to work with than this website, and it includes a Recruitment system that I can make ask whatever questions Mara wants. It should also be easy to moderate, and I'll set it up so that Mara Sarth can add members as Officers. Unfortunately, it doesn't yet contain an image gallery - instead, I plan on creating a sticky thread and you can post images to that.

If everyone here could sign up for the new site, using the recruitment form, I'll activate your accounts, and I can add the Officers as Officers (who have moderator powers), and Mara as the Guild Leader (who has semi-Admin powers).

Turnip Wolfslayer

Welcome To The Site

by Turnip WolfslayerTurnip Wolfslayer 30 Dec 2008 03:40

Welcome to the new guild website!

Be sure to register, by entering the password (which is on the Guild Announcements in-game) on the Apply to Join page on the left. Please register for Wikidot with your in-game name.

This website is a Wiki, provided by Wikidot. That means, you can edit pages simply by pressing the Edit button at the bottom of the page. Note that this cannot be done for news or event pages, unless you're a Mod. I've also blocked certain other pages from being edited except by Mods and Admin, just because they don't need to be edited.

@Officers I can give you Moderator powers, so you can look after the wiki and write news and events, just write me a PM in-game or write on the forum.

Turnip Wolfslayer

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